Monday, October 1, 2012

Hi. My name is KC and I drive a minivan.

Hi. My name is KC and I drive a minivan. Whew! There… I said it.

I never imagined those words coming out of my mouth. I'm not hating on minivan moms at all, I've just always driven an SUV and figured I always would. Now that I drive one, I think a van is the icing on the cake for what officially makes me a Mom, besides the two kids (that’s just minor details.)

Getting the van is definitely making me realize a the new phase of life I am entering. I am a mom of two, I enjoy crafts, I like sewing and I have recently started smocking, I sit on committees and help plan things for our church. Seriously? Is this my life?

Where have the years gone? Wasn't I just in college getting swept off my feet by my charming boyfriend, JW? Wasn’t I just sleeping in on Saturdays and going to college football games? Wasn’t I more worried about what oil I was going to put on my skin to get a tan, and now I am making sure I have the strongest SPF on the face of the earth to put on my girls?

My how fast things change over a few years.

I can however say that I have enjoyed and loved every minute of it. Our girls are getting so big so fast and they are growing more and more independent and funnier daily. I just need to continue to remember how precious life is and enjoy my time with everyone before this new phase becomes old and I transition into the next one.

I hope you have a GREAT Monday!



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