Saturday, January 29, 2011

What an amazing couple of weeks.

I don't know what to say other than God is busy at work...

Last week we finally receive our referral for Zoe Grace and we got to see her picture for the first time and now this week our friends, Brad & Rachel, finally received their court date!!! F I N A L L Y ! ! !

For those of you who have been following our blog for a while you have heard the names Brad & Rachel. They were the original couple that we talked to about adopting and they are the ones who finally gave us the “push” of confidence out of the nest to pursue those feelings. They have been such great friends and an even better resource right here in Montgomery. After their LONG almost two year process they are getting to leave VERY soon to go meet their baby girl. (Due to security reasons I am not going to post any ‘details’ about their trip or when they leave. Those of us adopting understand that we can't share anything until it's all over.)

If you have a moment this week say a special prayer for them as they get ready to go into this next chapter of their lives. I know I am being very vague about this, but I don’t want to say too much. So pray for them this week, next week, the following week and on forward…. and say a very special prayer for Little Caroline who is will be one of the best big sisters ever!

Until next time.

-j.w. godwin

Friday, January 28, 2011

How we finally got to see our daughter's beautiful face!!

Hi Friends!

Wow - these two weeks have been so surreal! I still can't believe we finally got to see a picture of our beautiful baby girl, Zoe Grace. She has the most beautiful big almond eyes, the smoothest light cocoa skin, she has got chunky little cheeks and full lips and I just want to squeeze her. Oh my goodness she also has so much hair!! Ah! I don't know what I'm going to do with all of it! ;) I am SO glad that two friends here in town will be getting their girls right before us and can hopefully show me "the ropes" on it. I am also going on "The Women’s Adoption Retreat" and they are having a mini session on African American hair, thank goodness I am signed up to take that course.

Oh I can't wait to show all of you her beautiful picture. 

Zoe Grace just has the sweetest look on her face. I can't wait  to have her in my arms!

Many of you have asked us “how it happened?” and what it was like when we first saw our daughters face. I am going to attempt to give you all of the details that I can remember of the day. 

It all started Monday when JW called and told me that Lesley, our caseworker from Arise, emailed him and said that she wanted to call us that night and interview us about something. JW was very vague in telling me about it, but I think it was because he was so busy that day at work, and didn’t know any other details. She told JW that when we had time we needed to call her. Well, as many of you know, JW can be pretty persistent on things that he is focused on and he has annoyed her every day since we have started this process about this exact moment, so I know she was looking forward to finally getting to give us what we have been waiting for, for so long! She didn’t tell him it was a referral when they talked earlier in the day. Which was pretty funny that he went all day without knowing why she wanted to talk. 

JW got home from work early around 5:15, and Olivia was taking a nap. We were supposed to call Lesley in about 45 minutes, so I thought I had time to run to the grocery store. So I went. Well my quick trip to the grocery store lasted about two times longer than I thought it was going to. In the meantime JW emailed Lesley and told her I was out and that we needed to push back our call time. She replied with a pretty generic answer saying, okay, but to give her call when we could. Not thinking much of it, when I finally got home, we were running around trying to get to Trey & Abbey’s house for dinner. So we ALMOST decided not to call Lesley and push it to the next day. I was about to go wake Olivia up and JW said, “let’s just sit down and call her really quick. She said it wouldn’t take long.” Now, please don’t think we didn’t want to talk to Lesley, but as all of us do, we just got hectic and caught up in what we were doing and where we had to go, but I am so glad that we had a ‘feeling’ to go ahead and sit down to call her. We both sat on the couch and JW called her on his phone. We were on the speakerphone just having a casual conversation – how are you, etc. and she just dropped it out of nowhere! “I have your referral.” I almost didn’t understand her at first, but it was an awesome feeling that came over both of us when she told us. My mouth just dropped open and I got chill bumps all over, JW screamed “Shut up!” in the phone and then started tearing up. It was an AMAZING moment. It is the equivalent of when we found out that Olivia was a girl. We knew then we were going to have a baby, and this time we knew it was a girl, but this was like the first ultrasound where we finally got to see her! 

Lesley started talking and telling us stuff, some of which I understood and remember and other that completely went in one ear and out of the other. I was in shock. Literally in shock. This was it, I was about to see the face of my baby for the first time. All of the waiting, praying, waiting, waiting and more waiting was over, the moment was here. Lesley then asked which email she wanted us to send the referral paperwork to. So we both told her and then we sat and waited which seemed like 30 minutes, but which was really about 25 seconds - - - then the email popped up. We almost knocked the laptop out of JW’s lap trying to click on it to open it up.

We opened it, and there she was. OUR baby. We both fell in love with her instantly. Everything about our precious baby girl is absolutely perfect!

So what now? Lesley told us we had a few days to accept or deny our referral, but we of course screamed “we accept” the second Lesley told us we had a referral, which she was not surprised about. We had to sign the acceptance form and send it back, which we did this week. We also had to contact Lifesong about sending the rest of our money. (For those of you adopting or considering adopting, you need to check out Lifesong. They are amazing and can help take care of a lot of the headache of dealing with the money aspect of the adoption process.)

So we have signed our acceptance letter and mailed it in. We are now waiting on a court date.

When we get our court date, it could be as soon as two weeks from then or as long as six weeks away, but as soon as we get it we can book our flight to Ethiopia! We know it will be a wait again, but so worth it! So we are thinking/praying/hoping we will have her in our arms maybe soon!!!! Sadly we don't get to bring her home the first trip. The first trip is just for court and to meet her.

We already look forward to it, but dread that moment. It will be a difficult time for both of us to go there, meet her, spend time with her, and then have to leave her, but we know it will be over quickly. Once back we have to wait to get her Visa, Birth Certificate etc. to get processed through. BUT once all of that is done with we will be given a date to go get our baby!!! The thought of that still seems a little funny in my head. We can’t believe that we are one step closer to getting her home. We of course will keep everyone updated on all that is going on and when we get information. 

We have thought about this for a while and we think that we are going to ‘lock’ our blog again, like it was before we made it public, once we start to get more information about our travel, information on Zoe, pictures, etc.

We are not allowed to post details on the internet about Zoe, which we totally understand and respect, and we don’t want all of the information about our travel out there in the public, since we will have family at our house while we are gone, but we wont be there. But we might be able to share more information about our trip dates, etc if it is locked. So if you are interested in being added to the list of people who can view the blog after we lock it, please leave a comment or email me at from the email address that you would like to have added. The sooner you could email me the better. I think we are going to lock it sometime after Valentine’s Day. 

Once again, thank you everyone for your thoughts and prayers for JW, Olivia and I during this process. We are so blessed to have so many friends and family members who are praying for us, and also for all of the new friends and family members we have met through the blog/adoption world. Remember, pray that everything gets done soon and our travel date comes quickly!

Love - 

Monday, January 17, 2011

It happened!!!

This post won't be long because we are running around like chicken with our heads cut off & calling everyone we know . . . Because we were given our referral tonight! We finally got to see Zoe Grace's precious face! She is two months and three days old. She is absolutely perfect!!! Thank you everyone who has prayed for us and supported us through this process! We are so blessed!

More to come later...

-J.W. Godwin