Sunday, May 29, 2011

On the way to DC!

Next stop Ethiopia! :)
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Thursday, May 26, 2011


That pesky little letter that we were praying so hard for was not at our preliminary hearing today. :( The good news is that we are still clear to travel. We were worried that if the letter wasn't there then we wouldn't be allowed to travel. Praise the Lord we still get to travel and meet our baby! As far as my understanding we still go to court June 2 and the judge will still make a ruling. If we pass it will just be pending until our letter decides to show up. Then Zoe will officially be ours!!! There is still a possibility that the letter will show up by our court hearing. So if you could please pray that it shows up! :


I think Olivia may be trying to tell me something :(
Only 4 more days until we are holding our beautiful daughter Zoe Grace!!! The count down is on and our emotions are going crazy! I'm beyond excited to meet our newest daughter but almost sick to my stomach thinking about leaving our oldest daughter Olivia for an entire week! It's one thing to leave her for a couple of nights for an in state vacation but to travel overseas makes me very anxious. It's very bittersweet. We are just ready to have both our girlshome under one roof. Even though we know that Olivia will love being at her grandparents. She will be able to get away with anything that she wants there…

Some of our Donations!

I've always been the type that ‘when my head hits the pillow I'm sound asleep’ kind of person but insomnia is definitely setting in as my mind is just races every night. Remembering additional things to pack or things we don't really need and that can be taken out. It can be quite stressful.

I have everything packed besides our last minute items. How I fit all of our clothes in one bag is beyond me. Our friends, the Goodes, who you may remember brought home their daughter from Uganda in February let us borrow their air tight seal bags. These things are awesome!!! Ha. Ha. It’s the little things in life these days that amaze me :)

See...I was able to get all of this...
....into this! :)

JW and I started a new gmail account, in order to send updateswhile in Ethiopia to our friends and family. I will be sending out a mass email today so if you don't receive it and you are a friend or family member then please email us at and let us know you would like to receive updates while we are in Ethiopia. :)

Thanks again sweet friends!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Have you ever thought about adopting?

If you have ever been interested in Adoption, Lifeline Children's Services will be coming to Saint James United Methodist Church (on the corner of Vaughn and Ryan Road) tonight from 6-8 pm in the church cafe. This would be an awesome time to come out and hear about how you can adopt/foster or how you can help support others who are either considering adopting or are in the process already. We will cover everything you need to know about the entire process domestic or international. Please join us! It will be a great time!!!
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Friday, May 6, 2011

Ethiopia here we come!!

Okay, I don’t have too much time to type a long post right now. I am swamped at work and KC has her hands full with Olivia and trying to make the world stop spinning long enough for us to try to figure out what is going to happen within the next month. We were called today by Lesley who told us that we have a court date for the first week of June!!! We are SO excited and cannot believe that it is finally here! We are SO close to meeting Zoe Grace and we can’t believe it! So more will come later when we have time to post it. Thank you everyone who has been praying with us for this moment!! We aren’t done yet, but we are one step closer to having her home forever!