Friday, November 18, 2011

What an awesome invite -

I am not sure if we are allowed to share some really cool news that we received tonight, but we hope we can soon!

Two weeks ago in our small group at church KC & I were telling everyone how we felt very vacant right now. We were so mission oriented when we were in the process of adopting Zoe, but now that, that is completed we feel like we aren't sharing very much and that we don't really have a fire to do so. Well tonight we received an email from a group that I believe could be an amazing resource and an answer to our prayers!

So, without disclosing anything else, we are just going to ask everyone to pray that we get this amazing opportunity and that everything works out!

Until later -


Bath Time!

This is one of the funniest times at our house everyday. . .
It pretty much consists of KC and I sitting in the floor in the girls bathroom and waiting for them to either
1.) Splash all of the water out of the tub or
2.) For Olivia to realize that it's snack time after bath time.
We then spend a little time admiring ourselves in the mirror,
then it's time to get dressed, lotioned up, and off to bed!

Hello again -

Where do I even begin to try to catch everyone up on where our lives are now...I think I can sum up in one word how things are for KC and me now that we have Zoe home - exhausting!Let’s see if I can do a quick recap of the last three and a half months in a few paragraphs.We got home. Zoe started to grow like a weed. She came home with no teeth and couldn’t pull up on her own, and now is cutting tooth number 9 and any day she will be letting go of the edge of the couch and not just taking three or four steps, but running around like Olivia. It has been a ton of stuff going on. The girls have started going to Mothers Morning Out and church three days a week. We have been traveling all over the state. We had the fall festival at our church. We most recently had Zoe’s first birthday (Nov. 14th). She actually got christened the day before at church and we had her party that afternoon. And we moved to a house with a little more room. With all of that quickly thrown out there, and probably not that well put together, we are letting everyone know that we will no longer be posting on this blog…. because we have a new one. I am going to see if my friend Raleigh Price (@ ) can help me swap all of our old posts onto our new blog, because that is above my level of understanding. So… here is the new one - hope that each of you will make your way over there and check out what is going on in our high speed, sometimes crazy life. Thank you for following us on our journey to bring home our Zoe Grace. We hope you will continue to follow us as we see what God has in store for us. - JW, KC, Olivia and Zoe

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Battle of the Easter Egg!

Zoe Grace will play the role of "Little Sister"
Olivia will play the role of "Big Sister"
Little Sister wanted to wrestle over the easter egg.
Little Sister then started to get a little more rough. Big Sister did not like that very much.
Big Sister then thought Little Sister wanted to lick her...
... but instead, she bit her. It was very emotional.
Little Sister really just hurt Big Sisters feelings.
She thought it was quite amusing.
Mommy made it all better.
Little Sister got put in time out.
Then it was time for a game of follow the leader.
Little Sister grabbed the egg when no one else was watching.
Little Sister triumphed. The End.

First day of Mother's Morning Out -

Here we come!
Mommy and Zoe
Daddy and Olivia
Zoe was as happy as can be -
Olivia was not interested in staying.

A quick catch up from the beginning -

This blog is for all of our family and friends to be able to keep up with the hectic, everyday sprint that we call life. I guess I should take you back to the beginning and catch you up very quickly to where we are now.
KC & I were introduced by a good mutual friend in college. She fell in love with me instantly and we have been together since then. It has been the best six years of our life and we wouldn’t change anything that has happened.
We got married on March 1, 2008.
We had our first baby, Olivia Claire, who you will see plenty of later, on Dec. 7, 2009.
We then felt called by God last summer to adopt a baby. So we brought home our new daughter, Zoe Grace, on August 19, 2011. She was born November 4, 2010 in Ambo, Ethiopia.
We hope you enjoy our blog! It is more of a modern day way for us to scrap book without actually having to deal with the paper. Follow us on our journey to where it is God is leading us to go. This blog will be more of a pictorial play by play, rather than a literary accounting. Enjoy!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Introducing Zoe Grace!

Wow! What a jammed pack couple of months we have had and man have we been slackers on our blog! Sorry guys but we’ve had our hands full…

Introducing Miss Zoe Grace……
zoe hc 3 Welcome Home Zoe Grace!

zoe hc 1 Welcome Home Zoe Grace!

zoe hc 2 Welcome Home Zoe Grace!

Here is the run down…
May 6 – received the call that we had a June 2 court date in Ethiopia
May 29 – left for Ethiopia
May 30 – met our precious daughter
June 2 – court date (didn’t pass because MOWA letter was not there)
June 17 – passed court, Zoe is officially ours!!
August 2 – found out we were not submitted to Embassy icon sad Welcome Home Zoe Grace!
August 7 – Surprise! Found out there had been miscommunication and we had been Submitted, accepted,and approved to travel!!
August 13 – left for Ethiopia!
August 15 – we passed Embassy!!
August 18 – Zoe heading to her forever home!!
August 19 – Welcome home Zoe Grace you are officially a US citizen!!

We are so lucky to have a huge support system and the best friends and family. They were there to greet us when we stepped off the plane.

IMG 0721 Welcome Home Zoe Grace!
IMG 0733 Welcome Home Zoe Grace!
IMG 0820 Welcome Home Zoe Grace!

IMG 0836 Welcome Home Zoe Grace!

IMG 0947 Welcome Home Zoe Grace!

IMG 0798 Welcome Home Zoe Grace!

Our sweet friends then hosted an awesome welcome home party. Zoe never skipped a beat and fit in right away. It’s so cool that she automatically has 6 best friends in our small group.

IMG 0903 Welcome Home Zoe Grace!

The party had been planned out so well and the details were noted, even down to the toppers on the cupcakes. It really was done top notch. Thank you Raleigh and Christen for the awesome Welcome Home package you guys put together! If you or someone you know is adopting, you can click here to order the package for their coming home party.

IMG 0695 Welcome Home Zoe Grace!

IMG 0874 Welcome Home Zoe Grace!

IMG 0654 Welcome Home Zoe Grace!

IMG 0871 Welcome Home Zoe Grace!

IMG 0879 Welcome Home Zoe Grace!

IMG 0869 Welcome Home Zoe Grace!

Guys, it is Amazing how God hand picked Zoe specifically for us and how she has adapted so fast to our family. Right away she fell into Olivia’s schedule which makes me one happy mommy!

IMG 0911 Welcome Home Zoe Grace!

Speaking of Olivia, she loves her “Sissy”! They are so cute together icon smile Welcome Home Zoe Grace! They are definitely sisters pulling hair one minute and hugging the next, true sisterly love icon smile Welcome Home Zoe Grace!

tub picture Welcome Home Zoe Grace!

We are so thankful for each one of you that has supported, prayed and helped us bring Zoe home. I can’t believe she is finally home, life couldn’t get any better. icon smile Welcome Home Zoe Grace!

IMG 0928 Welcome Home Zoe Grace!

-JW & KC