Thursday, June 9, 2011

In case you were wondering...

JW and I made it to Ethiopia and back! Let me tell you, Zoe is AMAZING, we are SO in love! God truly hand picked the most beautiful and sweetest Ethiopian baby for us! JW and I are beyond blessed! We can't wait to share pictures with you too. Hopefully our MOWA letter will show up by next week and then Zoe will legally be our daughter and we can share her beautiful smile with each of you, yay! Once it shows up all the other paper work will begin (Zoe's visa, passport, etc.) And then we will be praying hard to receive our Embassy date to go pick her up. Our guestament is we will receive our date within two (long) months.

JW and I had some wonderful experiences while there but we will post them once Zoe is legally ours so we can show you pictures because honestly who wants to just read posts, we all love seeing pictures!

Please pray our MOWA letter shows up sooner than later making Zoe legally our daughter. :-)